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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I will never forget sitting on my couch a year ago watching Patrick House win Biggest Loser. It was after that finale that I decided that I needed to do something about my health, my weight, and my life. I needed to get back to my athletic build that I used to have in high school, I needed to get back to being healthy so I could live longer, I needed to get healthy so I could possibly have a child one day, I needed to get my life back because I was watching it go by as I watched from the sidelines.

Ok, so I thought this day was going to be different BUT it's ok because I am still working hard on my journey. I was hoping by this point I would have reached 100 pounds lost but life had a different plan for me. I successfully had lost 60 and then I have gained 30 back BUT I am on the road again to lose it again (hopefully this time for good).

As I thought about the last year, I thought of the many changes I have made to my lifestyle. Most importantly, I have added in the exercise component which I still have trouble doing but it gives me enormous benefits. I have also tried to eliminate most of my sugars and for a while, I had reduced my sugar intake to almost nothing, and finally I have successfully completed a WHOLE YEAR without soft drinks! How in the world I ever would have thought I would have been able to do it, I don't know! I did it though! There were MANY days that I wanted to reach for the nearest soft drink but EVERY time, and I mean EVERY time, I went to grab one or order one I always thought back to the health benefits of drinking water instead. These thoughts provided success for me and I am so proud to say that I have been soft-drink free for a year. To me, that is something HUGE to celebrate! :)

Since I am on the topic of soft drinks, I have included a list below of the benefits of NOT drinking soft drinks:
-Reduced Sugar Intake: The average 12-oz. serving of soda contains up to 9 tsp. of added sugar, which is over the daily limit for most people. Willett says that there are several health conditions that may be avoided simply by cutting your soda and sugar intake. When you consume too much sugar, your pancreas has to work harder and produces more insulin, so restricting your intake of sugary sodas can help you reduce your risk of diabetes. Diets that include several sodas a day also put you at greater risk of heart disease, something you can help prevent by avoiding soda.

-Weight Loss: The calories in a 12-oz. serving of soda are considered empty calories because they do not supply any nutrition. Over time, drinking several sodas a day can lead to unhealthy weight gain. The opposite is true if you cut soda out of your diet. If you are used to drinking three or four sodas a day, you can cut hundreds of calories from your diet just by switching to a calorie-free drink like plain water. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight decreases your chances of many negative health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

-Reduced Bone Fractures: The phosphoric acid in many types of soda cause bone damage by leaching calcium out of them and making them weaker and more susceptible to damage. The Harvard University Gazette says that just two sodas a day can cause significant bone weakening among teenage girls, which can have harmful effects as they get older as well. Bone mass is built during adolescence and early adulthood and begins to decline after that. Replacing soda with milk is an important way to help protect your bones no matter what your age.

-Leaves Room for Other Nutrients: According to Bonnie Sanders Polin, Frances Towner Giedt and the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center, authors of "Cleveland Clinic Healthy Heart Lifestyle Guide and Cookbook," diets high in soda consumption leave less room for healthier drinks, such as 100 percent fruit juice, milk and water. Filling up on soda often results in a lower intake of fruits, vegetables and grains, as well. Eliminating soda from your diet will leave you hungry for more nutritious foods and drinks that benefit your health.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/409390-what-are-the-benefits-of-not-drinking-soda/#ixzz1gZT5BRvS

The list could go on and on and on but I will only leave you with these. Just remember one of these healthy benefits of not drinking soft drinks (diet or regular) every time you reach for one. :)

Thank YOU to ALL of my friends, family, and followers for riding along this crazy journey with me. I feel so much support even on the tough days. I appreciate all of the support I get daily from each of you! -Hope :)

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  1. So proud of you!!! Saw this and thought of you: "Just because you don't see results after a day or even a week, don't give up. You may not see changes, but, every smart choice you make is affecting you in ways you'd never imagine!"