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Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2

The Good: I had a great workout tonight at BodySmith Fitness. Man, it was TOUGH! Everyone in our group was dripping sweat by the end of it. I honestly cannot believe I finished it. I worked as hard as I could and I did have to change some things so they were on my "level" but I was very proud of myself for completing the workout. I felt strong by the end!

I also stuck to my food plan today very well and I felt great! Lots of protein, veggies, fruit, and water. I have been trying to get myself away from carbs and sugar again. I am in detox mode with sugar and it is getting easier every day.

The Bad: I am still trying to work out a balance between work, working out, blogging, doctorate program, extra commitments I have through school, fixing healthy meals, cleaning the house, etc. I have decided that I need to create a schedule for my week every Sunday not only for my food but also for completing all of the necessary things I have to do each week.

The Ugly: Man, I am going to be one sore girl tomorrow! I did come home and stretched, drank a protein shake, and rubbed Tiger Balm on my sore areas. I hope I will be able to get some cardio in tomorrow and definitely on Saturday!

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