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Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20

The Good: I had an overall good day today. I am beginning to consistently make healthier choices when I eat out. I have gotten into a major obsession with salad lately! I have learned to trim down a salad so I am not killing my calorie allowance by asking for dressing on the side, dipping my fork into the dressing instead of pouring it over my salad, asking for no bread, no croutons, etc. I have really enjoyed some delicious salads lately!! I am so proud of myself for learning how to make healthy choices when I am out to eat at a restaurant! Small changes equal big results! :) It's all about making a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! :)

The Bad: I started getting a migraine this afternoon at school and I finally realized the problem....I was dehydrated! I presented 3 sessions today during our school's professional development day and went 3 hours without any water. I normally carry a water bottle with me wherever I go but accidentally left it in my classroom so I didn't have it with me this morning. It definitely made me realize how important water is to me and how I have trained my body to crave water. I need to keep myself hydrated so I am keeping my body in-sync. Luckily, with some CVS brand knock-off Excedrine, I was able to get my migraine to go away about 2 hours later.

The Ugly: I was sick last week so I wasn't able to go to BodySmith Fitness for my training. I missed it SO much but since I couldn't breathe last week. I didn't think it would be a good idea to go kill myself working out. I am looking forward to going back tomorrow night but nervous since I haven't been here in a week! Yikes! Hopefully my body can handle getting back into it again! :)

Tip for the Day: I decided to buy a large, weekly pill box to put my vitamins in so I am not going through each bottle every morning. I take a good handful of vitamins each morning and I have been contemplating on getting a pill box for a while to make it easier and finally got one today when I was at CVS getting migraine medicine. I loaded it up tonight and am SO glad I bought it! I can already tell it is going to make my life easier in the morning. :) All for $4.00! :)

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