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Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21

The Good: Wow! I have several things to list today under the good section. I think it just keeps getting better and better the more weight I lose. The first thing that was great today was that I tried ANOTHER new class yesterday and today! I tried Bodystep yesterday which was HARD but good and tried Bodypump today which was HARD but really good and just what I needed! It was more of a toning/weight class instead of cardio which was perfect because I need to do both. I seem to have an easier time getting my cardio in so it was really nice to go to a class to work with weights to help my body tone. I will definitely be making time to go to at least one Bodypump class each week! Looking forward to the summer now even more because I can take the classes in the morning and go back in the afternoon for an hour of cardio like I have been doing over spring break! :) AWESOME!!

The second good thing was I have been going through my closet at my house and at my parents house and I have donated 5 HUGE bags of clothes to LICS that I cannot wear anymore. The first few clothing pieces I threw in the bags a few weeks ago were hard because I had some sense of security with them. Now, I can't WAIT to throw something in the bag that is too big! :) I had several things at my parents house that still had tags on them because at the time I bought them, they were a little too small and I never lost the weight to get into them. Now, some of the things are TOO BIG! I hope someone at LICS can enjoy my old clothes, many that were worn very few times or still have tags on them. I also was able to get back into my 2 favorite North Face jackets from several years ago. I was so proud of myself and it was another time that I realized that my body has changed a good bit even though I have a hard time seeing it.

The third thing is that I have made some incredibly delicious meals this week. Another reason why I am looking forward to summer. I feel like I have a lot more time to cook and make things when I am not working every day. I can't wait to type them up and share them with you hopefully this weekend.

The Bad: I ate out twice today for meals. :( Not what I normally do at all but I did make good choices. I had Salsaritas for lunch today. I ended up getting a small quesadilla on a whole wheat tortilla (just ask for one, they have them!), chicken, cilantro, pico de gallo, and a small amount of cheese. It was delicious! For dinner, Shawn and I ate at Miyo's and I had two sushi rolls and a water. Not terribly bad but I like to keep my eating out at a minimum and I cannot remember the last time I ate out both lunch and dinner. Getting back on track with my food log tomorrow.

The Ugly: There are some days, like today, that I feel like I will never get this weight off. Shawn and I were talking the other day about how quickly and easily we gained weight. It is amazing to see how quickly pounds add on and how SLOWLY they come off. I have to keep telling myself one pound at a time. That's what I have been doing the last 4 months and it has worked well so far. :) I just can't wait to see 50 pounds lost, hopefully very soon!

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  1. I am so excited for you!!!! And, for ME, having more closet space..LOL...You look fantastic!