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Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25

The Good: I lost another 5 pounds this week which brings my total to 45 pounds lost. I can't wait to hit 50 pounds lost! I also am wearing the smallest clothes I have owned in years and they are now fitting perfectly and some of them are actually a little too big! Craziness!! I am looking forward to buying some cute new clothes for my summer wardrobe which I haven't done in years! That is keeping my motivation going!

The Bad: I did not get any exercise in the last 3 days. I also have not been doing well with logging my food into my Bodybugg account. I thought I was going to get back on track last week but didn't seem to do it. I am getting myself back on track this week. It honestly gives me a piece of mind just to write down what I ate so I can see where I have weaknesses or where I need to make adjustments.

The Ugly: I had a full 12 hour day today without hardly any breaks. What a day back! It is 8:15 and I am ready to head to bed already! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. :)

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