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Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 9

The Good: First let me apologize for not blogging like normal the last 2 weeks. I have been extremely busy and have not had any time to sit down and blog. I promise to do better in the weeks ahead! :)

I had a wonderful weekend starting with going to The Masters tournament with my dad yesterday. What a special time I had with him and a memory I will cherish forever.

I cannot even begin to put into words how Augusta National makes me feel. The overwhelming beauty of it is absolutely breathtaking. If you have never been the closest my words can come to describing it is truly 'a piece of Heaven on Earth.' When I walk through the gates of Augusta National and look over miles and miles of the most beautiful, emerald green grass, vibrant azaleas, and blue skies, I always think, this has to be what Heaven will look like one day. Truly amazing and it has been a blessing to me to experience going to Augusta National for many years now thanks to my grandfather's love of golf. We have been blessed to have Masters tickets in our family and it is something that we cherish and look forward to every April. If you have never been, I do hope that one day you will get to experience the beauty and serenity of Augusta National (TV doesn't do it justice.)

A few other good things from the week, I had 2 AWESOME days of working out last Wednesday and Thursday. I hope my effort from those two days and tomorrow's workout will show up on the scale this week. I have lost weight the last 3 weeks but it has been very small amounts so I am ready to see a big weight loss number again! I also hit over 4,100 calories burned on Wednesday and Thursday according to my BodyBugg so I was very excited to hit that goal! My daily target goal is 3,150 if that can help put it in perspective. :)

The Bad: We hosted a baby shower today at my house for my oldest sister Michelle. We had a great time seeing family and friends. I did pretty well on my eating but did dive into a delicious (Paula Deen recipe) cupcake that was packed with sugar, a few M&Ms and some Sangria. Definitely not on my plan but I did eat them in moderation and they passed as "lunch" for the day so I didn't feel quite so bad about it.

The Ugly:
My Spring Break is STILL a week away! I am so ready to have a week for myself where I can organize the house, do my annual spring clean out, and have plenty of time at the gym. I plan to try some of the classes at Gold's that I haven't had a chance to do yet since I joined and I plan to get some serious workouts in that week so I can hopefully get over this plateau I am in.

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  1. Keep up the great work! You are looking amazing! I'm so happy that you got to go back to the Masters yesterday with Dad. You really did very good at the baby shower today! You should be very proud of yourself!