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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1

The Good: I went to the gym for day 2 back in action and was proud of myself! The first step to start again is sooo hard but once you get started, everything quickly falls back into place. I also cooked dinner tonight for Shawn and I and it was awesome! So easy and so good! I made a Jenni-O Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast in the oven, sweet potatoes, and asparagus. Very simple and really good. The Jenni-O Turkey Breasts are awesome and easy to fix! Check them out next time you are looking for something yummy and easy to cook! You can find them in the meat section of the grocery store. :)

Check out this link from Women's Health on the Best Foods for Women....Jenni-O Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast made the list!

The Bad: For the last few weeks, I have physically felt bad. I know putting 25 pounds back on my body is hurting it and I honestly don't think it ever phased me before how poorly I really felt physically. I can definitely tell those 25 pounds are back and they are NOT wanted in this body. I am working hard to get them back off and trying to have them back off before Christmas. I think I can do it if I work really hard at watching what I eat and exercise at least 5 times a week.

The Ugly: Stress....honestly stress from work and Shawn's work has been what has gotten in my way of working out the last few months. I have been praying about it constantly and looking for answers on how to get back in the routine I was in last winter/spring. I cannot believe my year is coming up so quickly! It is amazing how quickly time flies. I am trying to find different ways to relive stress instead of eating. I am definitely a stress eater. I used to deny it but have sense realized that denying isn't helping the problem one bit. I recently read an article Jillian Michaels wrote about stress eating. She said to find alternate ways to decompress and to destress...for example....take a hot bath/shower, go for a walk to clear your head, listen to music and dance around the house, give yourself a pedicure/manicure, read a book, etc. I need to continue to think of these things when I get stressed out and implement them instead of binge eating whatever I can find in the pantry or fridge! :)

I am also going to include something I am thankful for each day of November that relates to my blog. Please join me if you would like!
Day 1-I am thankful for my body. As difficult as my weight struggle has been my whole life, I am glad I have a body that moves and is healthy enough to enjoy life!


  1. GREAT blog post! They actually showed a similar Jenni-O Turkey tenderloin on Biggest Loser tonight! I didn't even know they made anything like that! Definitely something I will try! And, I am so thankful for YOU!

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