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Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 30

The Good: Mom and I had an awesome day today shopping at local organic and health food stores. We had a blast expanding our minds and taste buds while shopping at The Fresh Market and Earth Fare. We found tons of items that I have not seen at Publix but have been reading about in the various health food books I have read lately. Not only did we find unique food items, we also saw some of the freshest vegetables and fruit I have ever seen! I felt like a kid in a candy store in both stores! I was amazed at the beauty and freshness of so many whole foods that it made me forget all of my old processed food favorites. I walked away with many delicious new fruits and veggies to add to my meals this week. :)

Also, I started this morning off stepping on the scale with another 1 pound gone! I am at a total of 10 pounds lost in the last 3 weeks! Woo Hoo!!

The Best: Yes, I couldn't resist adding another column to this entry today! Mom and I ate a fabulously delicious lunch in Columbia at a little healthy restaurant called Zoe's Kitchen. Wow! What an awesome little place with amazing food! Mom had the steak wraps with yogurt dipping sauce and I had a grilled feta sandwich on whole wheat bread. AMAZING! I can tell you that my taste buds are popping now that I am eating fresh, healthy foods. I cannot imagine going back to the old-fried food days. I would highly recommend checking out Zoe's Kitchen if you are ever near Forest Drive in Columbia. I am hoping that we can get one in Lexington soon! It would be an awesome addition to our downtown area so let's keep our fingers crossed that we might get a Zoe's Kitchen in Lexington one day. :)

My Yummy Grilled Feta Sandwich (whole wheat bread, feta cheese, basil leaves, spinach, sliced tomatoes, and grilled onions):

Check out their philosophy: Recipes derived from fresh ingredients such as vegetables, chicken, olive oil and feta cheese along with moderating consumption is Zoe's philosophy on nutrition. As with all Mediterranean diets, the basic building blocks are fresh vegetables, cheeses, olive oils along with produce and fish. All of the recipes at Zoe's Kitchen start with fresh ingredients each morning and if consumed with moderation would constitute a well balanced diet. We look forward to serving you again soon! (AWESOME!)

The Bad: I did not plan my meals very well today while mom and I were out and about. I did great with eating every 3-4 hours until later this afternoon once we left Earth Fare and headed back to Lexington. I had gone almost 5 hours and could tell that my body needed fuel. We had plenty of food in the car with us that we had just bought and I should have gotten an apple, banana, or granola bar to eat on the way home. I was starving once I finally walked in the door but luckily it was time for dinner.

The Ugly: I once again did not get any formal exercise in today. I did walk a good bit with mom today while shopping but I really need to get myself motivated to get back on my treadmill daily.

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  1. I had a wonderful time with you today! I am amazed at all of the knowledge you have acquired about healthy eating in such a short time! You taught me so much this afternoon as we shopped...I ate one of the Clif granola bars for a snack after we got home, and it was awesome! Thanks for being such an inspiration to me! I love you!