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Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31

The Good: The weather was wonderful today here in South Carolina. The temperature outside was around 70 degrees. I was excited to get a chance to be outside so I took my dog, Bud for a nice walk around our neighborhood. I enjoyed getting fresh air and seeing many of my neighbors out and about. It definitely made me excited about Spring!! I am looking forward to adding an afternoon walk with one of my dogs when I get home from school this semester. :)

Also, stepped on the scale this morning, another 1.5 lbs lost! Love to know that those pounds will never be back on this body again! :)

The Bad: For some reason today, I have not been able to stay full with any of my meals. I snacked more today than usual. I did end up drinking more water today, trying to see if I am thirsty instead of hungry. It did help my cravings but I did have to have several snacks in between my normal meals. I didn't feel bad about eating the two snacks I had today because 1) I hate healthy foods and 2) I know my metabolism is working because it is telling my body that it needs fuel. It is all about making the right choices. :)

The Ugly: Shawn and I bought a detox drink last week from 14 Carrot and I have been waiting to try it. I finally decided today that I would give it a try. I opened it right after breakfast this morning and took one sip and threw it away. It was DISGUSTING! I decided that I would rather eat certain foods to help detox my body than drink that disgusting drink. I will make note not to buy that drink again! I am glad I at least tried it because you never know. :)

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