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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Delicious Breakfast Idea

This morning I realized that I was finally out of egg beaters. :( My usual breakfast consists of scrambled egg beaters, center cut bacon, and greek yogurt. Since I was out of egg beaters, I had to dig through the fridge, freezer, and pantry to find something to eat this morning. I had forgotten that I had bought some Van's Waffles a few weeks ago at Publix so I decided to try them. I had the Van's Apple Cinnamon waffles with I Cannot Believe It's not Butter Spray, and Log Cabin Natural syrup. They were AMAZING!! I sprinkled a little extra cinnamon on them to bring out all of the flavors and MAN THEY WERE GOOD!! You can find these delicious waffles in the freezer section of Publix, 14 Carrot, Earth Fare, Fresh Market, etc. I only listed the places I have found them so far. These waffles are wonderful and not only do they taste great, they are made of whole grains, gluten free, and pack lots of nutrients. :) Try them out for yourself, I promise you will like them!

*Shawn tried the Van's blueberry waffles this morning and gave them 2 thumbs up as well!

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  1. I'll have to get some of those! They sound good!