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Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10

The Good: I once again had an awesome Zumba workout. I wore my digital display that goes with my BodyBugg tonight and tracked that I burned 1,000 calories! Amazing! I love Zumba because it is upbeat, fun, and an awesome workout! If you ever are free on Thursday nights, come join us! Send me a message and I will give you all of the information. :) I am considering getting Zumba certified once I get down to my goal weight...we will see!

The other good thing but bad thing is my workout pants were about to fall off me tonight! I kept having to hold them and pull them up during Zumba which was not fun at all. It definitely is a good thing but now I am going to have to go purchase a few smaller pairs. Let me know if you see any bargains on workout pants around town! I don't want to spend a lot of money on them since I will hopefully be out of them in a few months. :)

The Bad: I have not been getting enough sleep this week and I can tell! I am much more agitated over little things and I am very sluggish in the afternoons after school. I just need to find a way to slow down a little which I thought was going to happen once March came around but no, it hasn't slowed down a bit. I am going to force myself to slow down soon by letting some things go even though I don't want to. If I don't let some things go, then I won't be able to take care of myself like I should. Now, I just have to pray about the things I need to let go.

The Ugly:
This past weekend in Pawley's was a blast but boy did it set my food habits back. Shawn and I were really good about taking a cooler full of our own foods but we still had a BBQ dinner for the rehearsal and wedding food/red wine after the wedding. I can tell that my body is craving some of those foods I used to eat that I got a sample of last weekend. I am going to go on a mini-detox this weekend to try to get rid of my carb and sugar cravings.

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