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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Three Months

I am proud to say that 3 months ago, I decided to change my life by changing my lifestyle to eating healthier foods and becoming active again. I honestly have NEVER felt better! Getting rid of the junk I kept putting in my body day after day has made a huge difference. I look at pictures of me from a few months ago and yes, I can tell a slight weightloss but the biggest change I have seen has been in my complexion. My skin looks so much better and I look "healthier." I still have a LONG way to go but it is nice to see the changes that have already taken place in just 3 months!

I am constantly asked how I am accomplishing what I am doing. I am always honest with whoever I speak to and tell them that I have changed my lifestyle completely. The biggest change I have made is to stop eating fast food. Period. Too many times I let myself go grab a "value" meal because it was somewhat inexpensive and CONVENIENT! Let me tell you that it has been CONVENIENT to gain all of this weight and I do NOT want to feel CONVENIENT anymore! Fast food companies are not worried about what they are putting in their food that is ruining your body day by day, all they care about is the money that they are making on CONVENIENCE. I challenge you to try going a week without fast food. That is where I started. Once I got to a week, I challenged myself to another week, and another week, and another week and here I am 3 months later without fast food and I feel amazing! I am not going to lie to you and say that it has been easy or I haven't craved my usual Chick-fila sandwich with fries, because I have. I remind myself when those cravings come that I DO have time to cook a delicious meal, I DO have control over what type of "fuel" I give my body, I DO have easy and delicious recipes I can cook at home, and I DO NOT want to give myself an opportunity to go back to my old habits.

I do want to take time to tell you how much I appreciate every one of you who follows my blog. I am amazed at how many people have cheered me on the last 3 months. I am truly blessed and I want you to know that I could not do this without the comments, Facebook messages, personal comments, etc. They have constantly kept me going during the last 3 months. THANK YOU for being a part of my journey!!

Today: March 15
Weight lost since December 15: 35lbs
Weight loss from February 15-March 15: 11lbs

Goals for next month:

-lose another 10 pounds (or more)
-start working a good bit with weights to tone up my arms and legs
-continue to track my food with my BodyBugg
-memorize Zumba steps and songs so I can reteach them one day! :)
-try 10 new recipes this month from skinnytaste.com or some of my healthy eating cookbooks
-start a garden
-walk the dam in the afternoons after school 2 days a week
-sign up for another 5K
-enjoy one nice dinner this month without worrying about calories
-try to get to my 50lbs lost by my 2nd wedding anniversary on April 18 (really want this so it will keep me very motivated!!)

Goals for next month: (February Goals)
-lose another 10 pounds (or more)
-try to eat a vegetable during lunch and dinner (almost accomplished)
-continue to try new fruits and veggies

-complete my first 5K February 26
-continue to track my food intake on LiveStrong.com
-get my 25lb award at WW
-get my 10% award at WW
-exercise 6 days a week, twice a day on Saturday and Sundays (almost accomplished)
-enjoy one nice dinner this month without worrying about calories

*PS-I wanted to remind you that I do use 2 different versions of my weight. I use the ticker at the top of the blog to count how much "true" weight I have actually lost. I weigh in on Monday mornings before I put anything in my body so it is my "true" weight. I weigh in again at WW on Monday nights so my weight is about 3 lbs different than the morning because I weigh with clothes on, have 2 meals in my body, and water. Just an FYI if you were wondering. :) Confusing sometimes I know but I like to keep track of my "true" weight too.


  1. I prayed for you this morning during my quiet time. When I wrote down today's date I remembered that you decided to make a lifestyle change on Dec. 15th. Way to go Hope! You have accomplished soooo much in 3 months!!! Can't wait to see what you do in the next three months:) Keep it up girl!

  2. You are amazing, Megan! I cannot tell you how much that means to me! Prayer has helped me so much and I know God has given me an unbreakable motivation that I have never experienced before. Thank you for the prayers, compliments, and friendship!

  3. As always you are so inspiring :) See you at the dam!

  4. You are such an inspiration to me, and to many, many other people! I am absolutely amazed at what you have done in 3 months!!! I love you! Mom