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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1

The Good: I had a decent day today overall and stayed within my calorie allowance. I also had a delicious lunch, Pork Carnitas from...you got it...Skinnytaste.com. I wish I could personally meet Gina who is the blogger and master mind behind the recipes to thank her for creating such amazing recipes. Every recipe I have tried has been amazing. Thank you Gina!!

The Bad: I did not get a chance to get a good cardio workout in today due to some things I had to do afterschool and not feeling well. My allergies are starting to bother me pretty bad. :-/

The Ugly: Stress eating got the best of me after school today. I found yet another hurdle to jump over so I came home grabbed some pita chips and hummus and sat down for a snack. At least it wasn't something that was too bad but I definitely did not proportion out my servings which I should have. I am sure I ate double the servings. Will have to get back on track tomorrow with afternoon snacks and dealing with stress!


  1. Stress is definitely Satan's way to get to us!!! Hang in there!