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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pampered Chef March Giveaway!!

I am so excited about announcing my March GIVEAWAY! I am a Pampered Chef consultant and just received the new Pampered Chef catalog. I was ECSTATIC when I saw the new products for this season! Every new product they came out with is geared for a healthy lifestyle!! Woo hoo!!!! I couldn't wait to try out some of the new products and I promise you, none of them have failed to meet my expectations. I am in love with the new vegetable slicer which is the black thing beside my Pico de Gallo in the last blog post. It is AMAZING! Also, the chili-lime rub I used for my shrimp recipe is part of the new stuff and I honestly can say it is the best rub I have had!

There are so many new products that can help you cook and live a healthier lifestyle! Please check out the online catalog on www.pamperedchef.com. I am offering 10% off ANY item from Pampered Chef this month. I want to help you get excited about changing your lifestyle and creating delicious healthy recipes for you and your family. :) If you spend $60 or more, you get 2 free rubs! Yes, that includes the awesome Chili-Lime rub!! You can email me, halfacreh@aol.com with your order or send me a Facebook message with your order.

I am also giving away 1 chili-lime rub, 1 large mixing bowl, and 6 Season's Best cookbooks this month! You have a chance to win 1 of 8 items! All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me your favorite healthy recipe or food. That's it! If you would like to leave the recipe for everyone to try, please do!

You have until next Sunday, March 20 (7pm) to post a comment for the giveaway AND to receive 10% off ANY item in the catalog this month.

Below are a few ideas of how I use my Pampered Chef items in the kitchen. :) Please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. My favorite healthy recipe is Skinny Taste White Bean Chicken Enchiladas! YUM! -Brittany

  2. Girl, you know I'll sign up for this giveaway!

    My favorite healthy recipe I picked up during my South Beach Diet time. It's a breakfast cheesecake that uses the low-fat cream cheese, ricotta cheese, and cottage cheese. I don't have the link to it right now but let me tell you! It was a great breakfast (and for the sugar cravings) item since you only needed to eat a little before it had you feeling full. Plus, throw some fresh fruit on top and it gets even better! :)


  3. Watching the Doctors and Alicia Silverstone is on their promoting her book, "The Kind Diet"...sounds very interesting

  4. Hope, your recipes are awesome and I can't wait to start eating healthy! I am so proud of u!

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway!

    - Lauren Black

  5. what a fun giveaway!

    we don't eat a lot of meat these days so one of our favorite recipes right now is the mediterranean grain salad from everyday foods. it is so yummy!


    i'm just loving your blog!

  6. My favorite healthy food is fresh fruit! No recipe needed!

  7. I love WW Pasta Fagioli Soup. It has tomatoes, light kidney beans, frozen vegetables and pasta. Especially good when it is cold.

  8. I have been making this recipe for years. Everyone loves it! And so easy to make. I substitute fat free light dressing and whole wheat pasta. :)


    You should give it a try!

  9. Congratulations to everyone! The giveaway winners are listed below. Please message me on FB and let me know the easiest way to get the prizes to you. :) If you are getting a Season's Best cookbook, I will mail them to you. Please message me on FB or send me an email (halfacreh@aol.com)with your address. Thanks for participating!!

    Susan Bryant- Season's Best cookbook

    Christine Matthews- Glass Mixing Bowl

    Mom- Season's Best cookbook

    Brittany- Chili Lime Rub

    Barbara- Season's Best cookbook

    Lauren Black- Season's Best cookbook

    Kathryn Norman- Season's Best cookbook

    Karen Gregory- Season's Best cookbook

    Meg Criner- Season's Best cookbook