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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Biggest Loser Season 11

Tonight, I am watching Biggest Loser and finding so much inspiration. I am completely inspired by the final four and am amazed at the progress they have made this season. I am challenged and motivated especially by Hannah and Olivia who are sisters. I especially relate to Olivia because she also has PCOS. She has lost a total of 112 pounds! Seeing her and how incredible she looks, I am truly inspired to keep going and pushing through until the end. I realized tonight that I AM going to finish this weightloss journey and I WILL get to my goal weight. I know they have done remarkable transformations in 5 months but it is also their "life." I feel accomplished by what I have done in 5 months and KNOW that as long as I continue on my healthy lifestyle, I WILL get to my goal. WOW! These two sisters are amazing! I hope I will be able to share my story with others and inspire people to accomplish anything that they set their mind to.



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