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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Working It Out

I just finished this amazing book and had to share with you an excerpt of it from the last chapter. Abby is an amazing writer and I can imagine she is quite the gifted motivational speaker. I read this part of the book and knew I had to share it because of the powerful statements she makes about changing your life. I do hope that you will go out and buy/rent this book for yourself. It made me have a different perspective on life and taking care of the people I love most including myself! :)

Working It Out by Abby Rike (pgs. 243-244)

"A weight-loss JOURNEY is about so much more than losing physical weight. In order to become truly healthy, in all areas of your life, you are changed. It's not that you change your personality; you do however become the BEST version of yourself. You get to know yourself on a deeper level by shedding former self-truths and ultimately creating new ones. On some level, everyone wanting to get healthy or making a life change wants more from life, but in order to get a different result, we have to do something different. The dreaded "change" word. Change is scary, but ask yourself this, "If I had to live the rest of my life just as I am now, would I have lived a full life?" If your answer is "no," then not changing is far scarier.
Have you put off taking classes at the gym because you think you can't keep up or people might stare at you? Take a deep breath, get there a little early so you can find a comfortable spot, and do your best. Who cares if you can't complete the routine? You are doing more than you would be doing had you stayed home fretting about whether or not you were going to go to the class. Don't let fear hold you back! Are you afraid of failing? You've tried to get healthy before, lost the weight, then gained it back? So what! Today is a new day. Some days are harder than others, and you may slide back down the mountain you're trying to climb, but you are not a victim. Do not resign yourself that this is your lot. You're not stuck until you quit. It's not hopeless until you stop trying.
True happiness is, in fact, in the trying. Real joy is in the JOURNEY. This JOURNEY is not about becoming thin and magically feeling happy...This journey is about admitting those deep-seated fears, facing them, and learning to love yourself where you are now and where you are going."

(This is just an example of how WONDERFUL her book is!)

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  1. Wonderful advice, Hope! I need to remember it as I look in awe at other people in the gym and am afraid to try what they are doing! Thanks!