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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Town of Lexington's Farmer's Market

I have been looking forward to today for several months! Back in December, I had suggested to my dad that we should have a local farmer's market in Lexington. He agreed and said that he had heard many people share the same opinion that we needed to have a farmer's market. Not only is a farmer's market great for the vendors who get an opportunity to sell their produce, but it also creates a local place for the residents to come, enjoy being outside, shopping locally, and eating healthier. There is no way anyone could go today and not want to dive into a basket of fresh veggies and fruits! I wanted to buy one of everything that I saw today but unfortunately could not. :) I will definitely buy different things each time I go so I can get a good taste of everything the vendors have to offer.

I also enjoyed seeing friends today shopping and enjoying the beautiful weather. What a wonderful way to get people together in the local community! I also enjoyed meeting new people and talking to the vendors about their products. I used to just buy whatever without thinking about where it came from, what pesticides were used, what hormones were added, etc. Now, I am VERY aware of what is on and in my food and I am constantly asking questions about the food I am purchasing. The great thing about the farmer's market is that there are vendors for you to talk to about their product. At the grocery store, you don't have the opportunity to speak to the people who grew the food you are buying.

I was so excited to get a ton of produce plus a huge seedless watermelon (check out the first picture at the top) for only $15.00!!
I am really looking forward to spending my Saturday mornings on Main Street at the Lexington Farmer's Market! The next time I go, I will take notes of each vendor and let you know about the products I get from each one. Look for an update in June!


  1. I had a lovely time as well. I picked up Adam 4lbs of green peanuts and I got the most gorgeous flowers. Looking forward to next week! I was a little disappointed that they do not allow dogs though :(

  2. The watermelon was soooo sweet, and the peaches and tomatoes were to die for! Exciting to have this right on Main Street in Lexington! Haven't eaten our squash, okra, green beans, and blueberries yet, but, I can hardly wait! Sadly, I didn't get any ice cream...but, I will next time!