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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NWV: Non-Weightloss-Victories

On several blogs I follow, many of them all have a section of NWVs. First question I had when I saw this was: What in the world are NWVs? I soon discovered that NWV stands for Non-Weightloss-Victories. These are the victories are are not seen on the scale each week. When I first began my weightloss journey, I didn't feel the need for writing down my NWVs because I was seeing such awesome numbers on the scale. As the months have progressed and I am still losing but not as quickly, I have kept these NWVs in the front of my mind to help me continue to carry-on on this journey. These are things that you want to jot down because they brought a HUGE smile to your face or made you dance around your house with PURE EXCITEMENT! Ok, yes, I admit...when I started trying on my old clothes from freshman and sophomore year of college...I might have danced around my bedroom (just a little...ok maybe a lot) or when I tried on my first Lilly Pulitzer dress and it FIT...yes there was a LOT of dancing going on in the Belk dressing room! :)

So, go find a cute notepad or find the note section on your cell phone and start writing down you NWVs. You will be HAPPY that you did! :)

My NWVs:
-dropping 5 pants sizes in 5 months
-rings are loose on my fingers
-bought my first Lilly Pulitzer dress :)
-gave away over 25 LARGE trashbags full of my old clothes
-tried on the pants I wore in December and they FELL OFF
-had a few people who I haven't seen in a while take a double look when they see me
-do not get out of breath going up stairs anymore
-can easily workout for an hour and a half
-enjoy working out and moving my body the way it was intended
-made it through my first spin class at the gym
-reconnected with many friends that I have been out of touch with in years past
-I almost always need a to go box at a restaurant
-been soda-free for 5 months
-ordered a size L tshirt for our field trips this year :) (used to be an XL)
-most days I can't wipe a smile off my face because I feel so good :)
-can fit into my college Northface jackets again
-ran the mini-marathon at school with my students to set an example for them to stay healthy
-completed 2 5Ks this year

I would LOVE to hear of some of your NWVs! Post yours below! :)

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  1. LOVE your NWVs!!! I needed this motivation from you to get back on track! Thanks!