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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10

The Good: I enjoyed a wonderful dinner tonight with my grad school cohort. I think I am so close to this group because I spent a whole year and a half of my life alongside of them. I feel like they are truly a second family. We had a wonderful time celebrating John and Sarah's new baby girl and their move. :( I am very sad they are moving because they are truly two of the greatest teachers in our school district and will certainly be missed! I am looking forward to a few road trips to see them and their new baby girl that arrives this summer! I am also so thankful of how much support they give me in everything I do. I left there tonight so uplifted by seeing them and hearing the compliments they gave me. I know they are cheering for me till the end!

The strawberries I picked yesterday are still SO GOOD! I enjoyed a big helping of them today for lunch and they were delicious! I am already ready to go back and get another bucket this weekend!

The Bad: I did eat a small piece of cake tonight. I can't believe how much "sweets" I have eaten the last 2 weeks! I definitely am going on a sugar "detox" starting tomorrow. I need to get rid of the sugar cravings I am having again since starting back eating processed sugars.

The Ugly: I am SO ready to feel 100% again! I am ready to stop coughing up a lung and wiping my nose! I hope these allergies go away in the next day or two. I am SO READY to get back to the gym! I think the people who work at the gym are probably wondering where in the world I am since I have lived there every day for the last month! I am looking foward to getting back to my routine tomorrow! Remember-you don't have to have a Monday to start back eating right or working out...it can happen ANYTIME you are ready! :)

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