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Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2

The Good: I had a great day today. I started the day with a 2.5 loss on the scale. :) It just doesn't get any better than that.

I also got a very exciting treat in my box today at school. Beth Maddox, one of our amazing art teachers, made a beautiful sign for me with my favorite verse from the bible about transformation. She is also making a larger one for me to put in my exercise room at home. The small block she did for me is INCREDIBLE! She is a fantastic artist and creates wonderful, original art work. I took a picture of it and put it below. The picture doesn't do it justice! These would make WONDERFUL Mother's Day presents for this weekend! If you are interested, please contact Beth at bmaddox@lexington1.net or she has a Facebook page where you can see her work, Peace, Love, and Paper Prayers. Check it out! Also, be sure you watch my blog closely in June...I might be giving one of her beautiful pieces away!! :)

The Bad: I am so close to 50 lbs lost and I am working really hard this week to get there before my 25th birthday which is next Monday. I have decided that one of my weakest areas is writing my food/calorie intake down. I was doing so well with it and then the BodyBugg website was having some troubles so I got out of the habit. I decided to try to write it down on paper throughout the day to keep myself accountable and that way if the BodyBugg website still gives me problems, I still have it written down. This helps me be accountable to myself and helps me think twice before I eat something that I shouldn't or want to snack.

The Ugly: My smallest size pants I own are falling off! Not really an ugly thing but it is because now I have to go hunt for a new pair of pants to wear to school.

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  1. So excited about your "ugly" post!!! Love what Beth made for you!!!