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Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Not Perfect

I'm not perfect. No one is and I certainly am not. I gained this week, 2.8 pounds but it is ok. Before I even went to my WW meeting tonight, I knew I had gained because I had already weighed myself this morning on my scale at home like I always do. I will be honest with you and tell you that I definitely overate this weekend. Not only did I overeat, I overate food that was NOT good for me.

Raspberry Amaretto Cake from Main Street Cafe + birthday cake + handful of chips + 6 pigs in a blanket + ice cream + brownies + peanut butter pie + Shealy's BBQ + banana pudding= Weight gain this week

I was honest with myself and I knew that I would gain this weekend. I was not worried about counting calories this weekend and it showed. I have read several blogs of people who are losing weight and almost all of them have incorporated a "cheat" day or some type of system. I have gone 5 months without a "cheat" day so I guess it was much needed. The scary part though was how quickly I found myself going back to my previous habits. It was definitely a nice wake up call. I still have issues with sweets and overeating that I need to continue to address. This is very good information for me because it made me realize that I still have a very long way to go to make sure I drop the weight AND maintain it once I get to my goal weight.

I have decided to journal my food daily this week on my blog to keep myself accountable. Check out my food log below. I am trying to get back to detoxing myself from sugars since I went overboard this weekend.

Remember--don't let one week, one weigh-in mess up your weightloss journey. I am thankful to learn that I wasn't upset with myself tonight but I realized what I could do to myself if I fall off the wagon and I can take the 2.8 pounds off that I gained this week. :)

1/2 cup egg beaters
1/2 cup egg whites
raspberry Chobani yogurt
3 pieces of Oscar Meyer center cut bacon
1 cup of 2% milk

Turkey Zucchini Burger
12 Sweet potato fries
1 cup mixed fruit (strawberries, watermelon, kiwi)
1 small package of Laughing Cow Candies (110 cals)

1 cup of goldfish (all I had in my classroom)
1/2 Cliff Mojo Bar

2 Turkey Zucchini Burgers
8 small red potatoes
1 1/2 cup of broccoli (steamed)
Spray Butter

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  1. Great job getting back on track!!! No one is perfect...I know I'm not! But, you are STILL amazing!!!! Need to know more about these turkey zucchini burgers and the Laughing Cow Candies....