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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25

The Good: I got a wonderful workout in tonight at the gym with my friends Adam and Erin. They got "newish" elipticals at Gold's and I LOVE them! I did a weightloss 30 minute cardio workout tonight and it was GREAT! I will definitely be doing it again soon! Usually I do cardio for an hour but only got in 30 minutes tonight which is fine. I also was able to get a short arm workout in which was great. I need to get back to lifting weights and toning again while losing. It will make such a big difference in the long run!

The Bad: I am getting those awful allergies back again! I can't stop sniffling and coughing! Yuck! :(

The Ugly: I could not find anything to wear this morning that made me felt decent. It was definitely one of those mornings. :( It has been great to get rid of all of my old clothes but at the same time I am very limited to what I have left to wear. I don't want to buy new clothes until I get down to my goal weight. I did make a pit-stop at TJ Maxx after school today and got 3 new shirts that were very inexpensive and a pair of capris. These hopefully will last for a month or two. :) It definitely is a catch 22 because I want to feel good and get clothes that fit me but at the same time I don't want to get anything because I will be out of it in a month. I need to start looking at consignment stores to see if I can find some things to get by with this summer. :)

Daily Food Log:

1 cup of milk (122 cals)
1/2 cup egg beaters (60 cals)
1/2 cup egg whites (60 cals)
1 Chobani Yogurt (140 cals)
3 pieces of bacon (70 cals)

Morning Snack:
55 goldfish (140 cals)

2 pieces of chicken parmesan (leftovers, 449 cals)
5 red potatoes (70 cals)
1 cup green beans (44 cals)

Afternoon Snack:
12 Organic Graham Cracker Sticks (140 cals)

Dinner: (same as breakfast because I don't have anything in the house)
1/2 cup of egg beaters (60 cals)
1/2 cup of egg whites (60 cals)
1 Chobani Yogurt (140 cals)
3 pieces of bacon (70 cals)
1 cup milk (122 cals)

Evening Snack: (after workout)
1 banana (109 cals)

Goal: 1700 cals
Total: 1,864 (met my deficit goal today even though I was over calories because of my workout)

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  1. :) Great job! Excited about your clothes! I'll have to get you to show me the new elipticals @ Gold's!