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Monday, January 2, 2012

12 Goals for 2012

I decided to post 12 goals I want to accomplish for 2012. I did this last year and enjoyed checking them off as the year went by. There 12 goals are going to keep me motivated and help me accomplish by ultimate goal which will be lose 100 pounds this year!

1. Walk (at least) 30 miles every month. This would equal around 1 mile a day. I can do more some days if I need to but I want to walk at least 30 miles each month. The total miles for the year would be 360 miles. Ultimately I would like to walk 365 miles this year to equal 1 mile a day for the whole year by December 31, 2012. I will keep track of my miles on the ticker at the top of my blog.

2. Start a Weightloss Journey group. I wanted to do this last year and never got around to it. I have so many ideas for this group and I am really excited about the ideas I have for it! I already have 2 of my sorority sisters joining me and helping me get it started and I cannot wait to see where it goes! Send me a message on Facebook if you would like to join us!!

3. Get rid of SUGAR! I did this last year at the beginning and I felt AMAZING! I bought a book called Sugar Shock by Connie Bennett and am looking forward to sharing more information that I learn about sugar addiction as I read it. I know it is an addiction and I can feel it every day. I know that I will never be able to get rid of it all but I do hope to drastically reduce my sugar intake this year.

4. I want to run a complete 5K this year. In 2011, I walked/jogged in 6 5Ks and was extremely proud of myself considering I had never completed one! This year, I want to run a full one. My friend Meredith Taylor and I have set our goal to run one in 2012 and I am looking forward to starting the training soon! Thanks Mer for being my running buddy! :)

5. Blog at least 2-3 times a week. I was doing so well last year with blogging but then life got in the way and I got too busy. Blogging keeps me accountable and lets me write about my ups and downs. If I stop blogging, keep me accountable and message me to get me back on track. :)

6. Write down my food intake. This was the BEST thing I ever did last year and I know that it is what keeps me accountable with what I eat. Good or bad...I have to write it down.

7. Wear my BodyBugg every day. I was wearing my BodyBugg every day last year and it helped me stay accountable for my food intake, calorie intake, and exercise. I need to take time each day to wear it, upload my progress and track my caloric intake.

8. Read a "health" book or motivation book every month. I have read so many good ones and I know there are a ton out there. Last year, reading these books kept me inspired and when I stopped reading them was when I started to lose sight of my main goal.

9. Organize and declutter my life. One of the things that I have noticed that gets in my way is the clutter that is in my life. When I am constantly cleaning up my house, putting things away, etc. I am taking time away from blogging, exercising, getting my meals together, etc. I have to take time to get rid of clutter that is in my life that is getting in the way of my goals.

10. Pray more. Last year I prayed about my weightloss journey. I know that I cannot take this journey alone...I have to allow my heavenly Father to guide me through this journey that has been difficult for me. He is the one that can lead me from temptation and can help me find inspiration when I need it most. He is all knowing and he knows the plan for my life. I will continue to read the book Made to Crave to help me with temptation.

11. Treat myself for every 10 pounds lost. I did this last year and it was very motivating! Little goals will help me achieve the big goal in the end. 10 pounds is very doable and I need to celebrate the small successes along the way!

12. Help others. Isn't the ultimate goal in life to help others achieve their goals? I found an incredible amount of inspiration from hearing others stories and helping motivate them along their own journeys. I am making it my mission to help at least 12 people this year with their own weightloss journeys.


  1. WONDERFUL goals!!! I may have to steal some of them!

  2. I bet that people who join your group already have some books that they could share. I have countless health/exercise books :P

  3. Stephany-Definitely! We could definitely do a book exchange! :) By the way, I answered you on Facebook but just in case I wanted to let you know that the group would be virtual so you could get on and share ideas, recipes, motivational stories, questions, etc. whenever you can. :)

  4. you are an inspiration to all of us!!! You never give up!!!