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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31

The Good: I had a jam-up day today with my eating. I felt great and stayed full throughout most of the day. Of course this afternoon when I got home from school (my weakest time of day) I was starving but kept telling myself to fight through the hunger. My trainer Josh says, you aren't truly hungry unless you will go open a bag of raw veggies and eat them. Yes, that does NOT sound appetizing to me so I decided to just hold on and wait it out. It was good because as soon as I got to my workout, I didn't feel weighed down by food I ate and I knew my body was using my stored fat as fuel to get through the workout which is what you want to happen! Woo Hoo!

I did add in 2 protein shakes today. I have been VERY nervous about adding in protein shakes because I don't want to bulk up by any means! Josh gave me a great run down of the benefits of protein and reminded me that my body NEEDS the protein to help me nourish my muscles. I ordered some protein powder that should be here tomorrow but I had some Biggest Loser protein packets that I had gotten last year and never used in my pantry. I decided to try it out today and so far, so good! I had one around late morning and then had another one after my workout.

I also did NOT want to cook dinner tonight. I have had a long 2 days and wanted to come home and chill out instead of cook. I thought on my way home from my training where I could go grab something healthy. I ended up deciding to go to Zaxby's and get a salad since their salads are full of greens, chicken (protein), tomatoes, etc. I LOVE their salads! I did however think about how I could make the salad "healthy" because it can get WAY out of hand in the calorie department if you don't watch what you add to it! I was so proud of myself for thinking through my decisions and was not hesitant to ask for EXACTLY what I wanted and what I didn't want on the salad. I got the Blue salad with grilled, blackened chicken (so good!), light on the cheese, NO DRESSING, and NO TOAST! I didn't think I would like it at first without the dressing but I ended up REALLY enjoying it! The chicken spices helped fill in the flavor gap and it was delicious! I am so glad that I said NO TOAST because I knew that if I had gotten it, I would have eaten it. It was easier for me to go ahead and say NO to it then get it and think about throwing it away. It wouldn't have happened...I know myself! The salad was filling and delicious! Try eating a salad without dressing sometime and enjoy tasting all of the flavors that you miss when you add tons of dressing on it!

The Bad: I ate several small pieces of dark chocolate today and I shouldn't have. I bought a bag of the Dove dark chocolates because I read that they had some of the highest levels of anti-oxidents. I sat them in a bowl in my kitchen thinking that I would have 1 or 2 a day. Probably not my best idea because the 1-2 has turned in to 4-5. I will have to re-plan this strategy! It is nice to have that piece of chocolate at the end of the day. :) With a small piece or two of dark chocolate, I don't feel like I am depriving myself from anything.

The Ugly: I hope I am not too sore tomorrow to go back to BodySmith Fitness like last week. I don't feel that I will be too sore tomorrow but that was what I thought last week too. I do feel stronger this week than last week and I know my muscles are just trying to get used to this new routine. If I cannot go tomorrow, I am definitely going to go on Thursday and get another good workout in before the weekend. I plan to go to Gold's on Friday and Saturday to get some good Cardio in.

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  1. We are so alike about chocolate! I have decided that I just can't have it in the house!
    :( for me! Salad looks wonderful! Will try one tonight!