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Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30

The Good: I had a pretty good day today overall. It was a typical Monday full of getting things together for the week ahead, planning out my week, etc. I luckily have gotten into a pretty good groove lately and have been able to keep a good balance on working out, eating right, planning meals, working on school work, cleaning, etc. I know they say it takes 3 weeks to make a change and I will have to agree with that. The first week is so hard, the second week gets better as you realize that you can do it, and the third week becomes part of your routine.

I am changing up my eating plan a little. I got some great nutritional information from my trainer. His view on eating healthy food is the same as mine, "if you can't pick it off a tree, dig it out of the earth, or kill it...you don't need to eat it." This is the same view as Jillian Michaels mentions in her book, Master Your Metabolism. The processed crap, excuse my language but it is, is not meant for our bodies. We can have some processed foods but only in moderation. Anything that sits on a shelf in the grocery store or in your pantry for months and years is not something you want to put in your body. Guest what...it does the same thing in your body as it does on the shelf...it SITS THERE! Your body doesn't know how to metabolize it so it basically becomes fat stored in your body. This is a great way to think about what you put it is what you get out.

Tonight I had baked tilapia, a sweet potato, and broccoli. All three things come from the Earth and were delicious!

The Bad: I have gotten down over the last several days because I haven't been able to get a good workout in. It is truly incredible how different I feel after getting in a good workout! Honesty, there is NOTHING like an endorphin-high after a good workout! I over did my workout last week at BodySmith Fitness and my muscles were not liking me for several days. I have finally gotten myself back to feeling better so I am looking forward to a successful week this week! I can tell a HUGE difference in my attitude, body, self-confidence, etc. when I have and haven't worked out.

The Bottom Line: HOPE-WORKOUT! It makes you feel better, look better, and gives you tons of energy! (I need to post this around my house, in my car, in my classroom, etc! :) )

The Ugly: I am feeling the stress of several things in my life. A police officer from a near-by county was killed on Saturday and it really hit home. I am so thankful my husband chose to follow his calling and dream by going into law enforcement but man it makes it hard on a wife! I know that I cannot control what happens to him and God will call him home when he is ready but it sure does make it hard to have him walk out the door every day. I always want one more hug, one more kiss, one more I love you. There will never be enough hugs, kisses, or I love yous. I have to deal with this fear of losing my husband frequently and it is something I need to completely give to God. He is the only one that can give me the ultimate peace that I am looking for. This incident, along with a co-worker losing her husband today led me to come in and demolish half of a dark chocolate bar today when I got home. Stress eating at its best. I will say, at least it was dark chocolate so it wasn't terrible for me but at the same time I shouldn't have made that decision. I was looking for something to comfort me and chocolate is where I turned. This is something I need to work on...I need to choose another method of finding comfort besides eating. I am learning new lessons every single day!

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  1. Great blog post! I like that part about food..and processed food. We had the very same thing for dinner!...talapia, broccoli, and potato! Keep praying for peace...love you!