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Friday, February 18, 2011

Christmas in February!

Shawn and I literally almost couldn't stand the wait to get our new BodyBuggs in! We luckily just received our tax refund and paid off most of our bills. We decided that since we haven't treated ourselves to anything in the last year and a half that we would find something that we both wanted. We have been researching BodyBuggs for a while now and we both really wanted one but the price for both of us would have been way too much. Shawn happen to be searching around the other night and found an amazing BodyBugg deal: buy one get one free! We thought long and hard about the purchase and decided that it would be something that would help us on our new weight loss journey. We ordered them and tracked the package every day this week. We cannot wait to start using them and let you know what we learn from them. Knowledge is so powerful and we feel like this little BodyBugg will be able to provide us with an unbelievable amount of knowledge to help us continue to lose weight. Looking forward to our first day with it tomorrow! :)

Can you tell how excited we are?!

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