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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I could not WAIT for February 1st to roll around so I could post the new giveaway! The giveaway for this month has become one of my favorite products this year. Fortunately, I was able to teach Misty Rawls', owner of Just Wanna Melt, granddaughter for a few months this year. Her precious granddaughter helped her one night make me a beautiful USC Gamecock lotion bar and gave it to me as a gift. I have been head over heals in LOVE with this product ever since! I continue to keep in close contact with Misty and she has graciously offered to send me 4 of the small lotion bars to give away on my blog! Thank you Misty!!

These are PERFECT for your purse, bedside table, or around your desk at work. The greatest thing about these lotion bars is they don't require anything but the heat of your hands and they are ALL NATURAL!! Woo Hoo! Misty's company, Just Wanna Melt, provides Certified South Carolina products. You just cannot get any better than that!

These would make WONDERFUL gifts for the people who you love the most for Valentine's day! Please be sure to check Just Wanna Melt's website and order some of Misty's awesome all natural products online today. I promise you will LOVE them after you try them!

How to enter into this giveaway:
1. Friend "Just Wanna Melt" on Facebook. Click here.
2. Post a comment about what you are going to do for yourself this month to show yourself some LOVE! We all need to make time to love ourselves and part of that is making sure to take care of our bodies!
GIVEAWAY WILL END ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12! Remember, I have 4 to giveaway!!


  1. I am going on a 3 day scrapbooking retreat in Mt Pleasant and enjoy some seafood while I am there.

  2. I think I tried some of this at a craft show a few months ago! I've been kicking myself for not getting any ever since. Now I know where I can pick some up!

    With a birthday coming in just a few days I plan to show myself some love by getting a new birthday girl outfit :) maybe even in a smaller size???

  3. Awesome Barbara! Enjoy the seafood!!

    Meg-That is awesome! I LOVE the Just Wanna Melt lotion bars too! She just came out with a shower scrub and lip balm and I am dying to try both! Misty is so wonderful and does an excellent job with her business! I am excited about your new birthday outfit in a smaller size!! That is awesome! Have an awesome birthday!

  4. Hey girl! This month I am going to drink TONS of water and paint my nails fun colors. I know it sounds dorky, but it makes me feel girly and it's lots of fun.

  5. Hey Hope! Every since I have had Shilah, I have given her all my time. After changing a ton of diapers, cleaning up spit up (or throw up) and all the messes that come with that bundle of joy...you start to feel not so attractive! Jon typically gets home after 7:30, but now once a week he gets home early (6pm) so I can have some "Holly Time". During this time I do the same things that make me actually feel great about myself. I get to take a warm bath and relax, then shave my prickly legs and lather up in lotion so I smell good and feel soft, pluck my eyebrows and actually blow dry my hair instead of having to let it air dry. I use to do these things every day before Shilah but now I am so thankful to be able to do them just once a week...and these are things that I do to show MYSELF LOVE!!!! It's the small things :)

  6. I LOVE Just Wanna Melt! My elbows were cracking, and I had tried everything else...then, I used Just Wanna Melt, and they cleared right up! I plan to take a get away to Savannah with my sweet husband(your Dad)...life gets so crazy that we don't ever have very much time for just "us"!!!

  7. I plan on exercising more and drinking more water. This is all for ME! I want to feel good....and looking a little better will be a plus. :) Spring is just around the corner!

  8. Honestly, I feel like the last three weeks I have been showing myself love. I have been working out a lot and have really changed my eating habits. No weight loss yet, but have reduced all of my medications (as per my doctor) to 1/2 what I was taking, including insulin! So I am learning to love this body God has blessed me with and beginning the journey to really take care of it.

    So besides continuing that and letting my trainer and doctor worry about why I'm not losing pounds, I plan on have a girl's night! My husband is going out of town for a weekend this month, and I plan to ship the kids off to the grandparents and invite some friends over for some fun!

  9. I plan on getting my eyes checked, hoping this helps with the mild headaches I have been getting. I would like to plan a date night with my husband because he is always gone on the road.

  10. OK, this stuff looks too cool! I have never even heard of it! I would love to try some!! Honestly, it's hard to show yourself some love when you're a pregnant mom of a 2 year old!! I feel so frazzled and run down most days!! I recently joined a Bible study with some ladies on Monday nights, and that is my time now. We have only met once, and I'm already excited for the next meeting!! It's only an hour and a half once a week, but it's so nice to be with other women. (who can speak in full sentences and don't spill their milk everytime you fill it.) :)

  11. I am going to set aside at least one day/month with no plans for myself. If I'm not intentional about that, my schedule fills up and I get run down with being so busy!

  12. The winners of the February Giveaway are: Barbara, Meg, Kelly, and Holly!

    I used an online random picker to choose the 4 winners! I will be getting in touch with each of you to get you your lotion bars! I know you are going to LOVE them as much as I do! :)

    Thank you again Misty, for contributing to my blog and being such a wonderful friend!