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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8

The Good: Shawn and I received some awesome news today that I will share tomorrow once it is absolutely official. :) I also stuck to my new calorie goal which I was worried about but I ended up having calories left over tonight so I was able to eat some dark chocolate and that was without my exercise! I tried to stick to a lot of fruit and veggies to keep my calories low today.

The Bad: For some reason today, I could not motivate myself to give it my all during my workout with The 30 Day Shred. I have done it every day so far in February and this weekend I could tell it was getting easier but today I just couldn't get myself motivated to give it my all. I hope that will change tomorrow when I do it again!

The Ugly: I have really been doubting myself lately and I know it is a total mind game. I finally got past the 20 pounds, lost another pound last night at my WW meeting but I just feel "stuck" right now. I looked back at last week and realized I made some poor choices for meals. Nothing horrible because I have kicked all of the bad food out of our house but I was not eating my fruit and vegetable like I should have been. I started back this week trying to eat more fruits and veggies especially for snacks to fill in the times between meals. I hope this week I will be able to get out of whatever "funk" I am in and get back to feeling good.


  1. Hang in there!!!! It is natural to have doubts...don't beat yourself up! Go back and read about other people having doubts, in "Made To Crave", and "How I Lost 200 Pounds"...they had doubts, too. Reading about things that helped them, helps me...and I doubt, too! Anytime anyone hits a milestone, like 20 pounds, that is when Satan tries so hard to make us give up!!!

  2. Hope, you are doing wonderful, and every pound you lose only adds up to the other pounds you have lost, I look forward to reading your blog everday for inspiration and tips,and if there isn't anything on here I get disappointed Lol. You are doing everything right, just keep pushing through. Praying it gets easier for you

  3. Hey Hope! I just got a chance to catch up on your blog and I am so excited for you...20 pounds down! Way to go:-) Also, can't wait to see what the big news is!!!