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Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20

The Good: I adore my Body Bugg!! I have been nothing but pleased with it the last 2 days. It is amazing how much information it gives you. Weight loss is pretty much a number game and the Body Bugg helps you track the numbers. I will say that I have heard that it can become obsessive studying all the numbers and I can say that the reviews I have read are correct about that. After logging in my food and uploading my data from my Body Bugg on how many steps I have taken and how many calories I have burned today, I was 120 calories short of meeting my exercise goal. Of course, I jumped on the treadmill tonight to burn those 120 calories off. This is a great motivator for me because it helps me realize what I need to do to meet my goals on a daily basis. I did very well on exercising today and I am looking forward to my "break" day tomorrow!

I ran further than I ever have today which was awesome. I ran a little over a mile today which was a huge goal for me. I pushed myself through it and kept reminding myself that the pain I was feeling in my legs was only temporary. I definitely think once you can get that mindset, you can push yourself a lot further because you know the pain will go away in a little while. :) Let's hope I can keep that mindset! :)

The Bad: I was trying to meet my daily calorie allowance because I was 250 calories away so I decided to treat myself to 4 pieces of dark chocolate. I used to think dark chocolate was bitter and I definitely could easily down a candy bar in a heart beat. Now, I only have 1 or 2 squares from the large chocolate bar at the end of the day to treat myself. Tonight, since I was 250 calories short of my goal, I decided to eat 4 squares and then an extra square to meet my goal. I was 20 calories shy of my goal but had a stomach ache after eating those 5 squares. I won't do that again! It is amazing how much my body has changed in 2 months!! I think I would go into a sugar shock if I ate a 'real' candy bar! No thanks!!

The Ugly: I can tell that I am waking up muscles that I haven't used in years because certain areas of my body hurt! It is a good thing but at the same time I have to be careful that I don't tear or pull any muscles.

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