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Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 12

The Good: I actually have several good things to share today which is awesome! 1) I worked out TWICE today, one this morning and once this afternoon. I wanted to jump start my metabolism before eating dinner tonight with our friends. I have been preparing all week to have a wonderful time at dinner tonight because I knew it was going to be out of my comfort zone and calories but more on that in a minute. :) This morning I was SO proud of myself because I pushed it out and ran for a straight half-mile! I can tell my endurance has increased so much in the last two months it is honestly unbelievable. I will never forget the first few days I was on the treadmill. I could barely walk at a speed of 2.5 and could only walk for about 20 minutes before I felt like I couldn't walk any longer. I always reminded myself that this pain was only temporary and it would get easier each time I did it. I now can easily walk on 3.5 and have been adding intervals of running into my routine. It feels great! I told Shawn today that I cannot wait to lost 50 lbs so I can really feel like I can move!
2) When I was getting ready tonight to go to dinner I decided to try on a pair of my pants that I wore right before our wedding when I lost about 30 pounds and they fit! I didn't think they would but they did! :) I feel like I just got a new pair of pants. Very exciting! I am looking forward to wearing them for a few weeks and onto the next size down I go. :)
3) Dinner tonight was so much fun! I have been looking forward to this time with some of our best friends, Adam and Erin, who also happen to be our neighbors. Shawn and I are so blessed to have Adam and Erin as friends and neighbors. We constantly joke about how we will always have to live near each other and we often talk about how awesome it would be to have a lot of land somewhere and build our houses there far enough apart but close enough to keep each other company. :) Maybe one day we will be able to work our plans out. :) Adam and Erin invited us to eat at Cotton Grill tonight and we ate the most delicious meal. Erin and I both agreed that our favorite menu item tonight was the Brie and Blackberry tart. They were warm and melted in your mouth. So incredible! We hopefully will make our own rendition soon! Not only was the food wonderful, but time spent with Adam and Erin was even better. We had so much fun and look forward to enjoying more times together in the future.

The Bad: I know I went over my calorie count today but hopefully not by too much. I had saved up my calories today so I could splurge tonight and I also worked out twice so I hope I didn't go over too much. Even if I did, it was WELL worth it! I felt like it was a "treat" for sure and I was able to enjoy it without feeling too much guilt.

The Ugly: Is Saturday really already over? I tell you, weekends fly by so fast! I always feel like when I am finally able to relax and wind down from the week, it is time to start back over again.

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  1. Fantastic!!!!! You won't be wearing those pants long!!! We are so glad y'all had such a great time! You have 2 very special friends in Adam and Erin! I've been slipping since I missed WW last Monday night...funny, how just going to weigh in and stay for the meetings keeps you accountable...guess I'll just have to "start over" and think back on the fond memories of Savannah's great food....Back to healthy living now! Thanks for inspiring me!