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Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10

The Good: Zumba rocked the house again tonight! I am going to have to find a way to do it more than once a week but I love taking it in a small atmosphere and I love our instructor! I wish it was at least twice a week..maybe they will make it twice a week if we start to have a larger class. Here's to hoping!! I honestly feel like it is a "treat" to go every week. I love how I feel afterward. I always leave with a clear mind which is an awesome way to start the weekend! :)

The Bad:
I am still stuck on my 21 pound weight loss. I am trying to figure out why. I honestly think it is because I am not eating all of my calories. I dropped my calories down to 1500 which I didn't think I could eat and now I am not able to eat all of them. I am taking in even less because I am working out on top of not eating enough. I really think that is the reason why I am stuck. I am going to have to do some research and figure out something I can do like smoothies or protein shakes after my workouts to get those extra calories in.

The Ugly: I am exhausted. I really need to do better about getting to bed earlier. I want to start working out again in the morning so I really have to aim to go to sleep around 8:30 so I can get up at 5:00 and workout. Working out first thing in the morning really gets your metabolism going and your body starts to burn the stored fat in your body because it doesn't have anything else to burn off. When you exercise during the day, you are burning off the food you have taken in that day instead of the stored fat which is good but I am ready to get rid of both stored fat and daily fat intake! Hopefully I can try to do this next week. Last week and this week have been slapped full with meetings and things to do at school and after school so next week should be better and I should be able to go to sleep a little earlier.

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  1. Glad you went to Zumba last night, and that you enjoy it so much! Hang in there! Remember, your weight seems to fall off on the weekends! It is supposed to be a gorgeous weekend...