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Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 3

The Good: Zumba was once again AMAZING tonight! I enjoyed it more tonight than I have before because we danced to a lot of "pop" songs so it made it a lot of fun to be able to dance to them and sing along. :) I always feel so refreshed and renewed after Zumba. My head is always a lot clearer when I am finished and after a very long day like I had today, it was MUCH needed!

The Bad: Since I have been extremely stressed out this week, I noticed yesterday that when I came home from school all I wanted to do was "snack." I wanted to eat everything in our kitchen but I ended up thinking it through and making some homemade popcorn. It is the little steps that lead to success, right? :)

The Ugly: I have fallen into a slump this week even though I have counted all of my calories and exercised every day. I feel like I am at a mental block right now because even though I have lost 20 pounds, I am starting to "doubt" myself that I can lose more. I told you I was going to be honest on here! :) I know that most of the slump has come from the stresses I have dealt with this week but I keep reminding myself that I CAN DO IT! I also think part of my problem has been that I haven't been able to exercise like I have wanted to this week because of so many meetings and other things I have been doing after school each day. It has made it difficult for me to get the exercise I normally get in every week. I am looking forward to relaxing a little this weekend and taking some good deep breaths to de-stress! :)

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  1. Never doubt that you can do it!!! I'm sure the popcorn was salty enough to make you crave more, and retain water! You are amazing!!! Thanks for telling us about your doubts and cravings! We ALL have them!!! You keep me motivated!! Remember that tomorrow is another day! Love you!