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Saturday, January 22, 2011

5K Practice Completed!

Today, I decided to do a practice run for the 5K I am doing at the end of February. I wanted to get a good idea of what my time would be and how I would feel throughout it. I did pretty well staying at a consistent 3mph with a 2 minute warm up on 2.5mph. I ended up completing it in 63 minutes! I hope to be able to complete the actual 5K in February under 60 minutes.

*When I stopped it to take a picture, It did not show my time. Boo! But I wrote it down so I would remember. :)

I also added some weights in my walk today since I haven't been able to lift anything this week because of my neck/shoulder. I think I could have walked a little faster if I had not done that. I only used 2lb weights but was amazed and how heavy they felt after working with them. It made me think that I need to be happy when the scale only shows a 2lb loss because 2lbs is really heavy after a while and that is 2lbs my body won't ever have to carry again!!


  1. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew you could do it! so proud of you!!!

  2. I am so impressed! A 5K is a big, big deal! Good for you:) On the two pounds; I saw an exhibit at a science center that showed exactly what a pound of fat looks like. A pound is literally the size of both of my fists! I will admit that I have small hands, but that is still impressive. When I only lose 1/2 a pound, I try to remind myself, "That's a whole fist of fat!"