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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

I wanted to share with you some of the frequently asked questions I have had from several people. I hope they help answer some of yours too!

1. What does a typical breakfast look like that you eat?
I almost always eat 3 Eggland's Best Eggs, 3 pieces of Oscar Meyer CENTER CUT bacon, a low fat Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt with 2 tbsp of flax seed sprinkled in, and some type of fresh fruit. WW PointsPlus value: 12-14

2. Do you take any vitamins?
Yes, I take several vitamins every morning with my breakfast. I have found Nature's Bounty at CVS that I like and if you check often, they run them buy one get one free a lot! :) I take a multivitamin, 1 fish oil capsule, 1 Biotin capsule, 2 Cinnamon capsules, and a Acai capsule. If you don't take anything, at least get a multivitamin to take daily.

3. How do you get in weight training?
I try to work my weigh training into my daily routine. I have little "extra" time outside of school and my extra jobs so I have to find a way to incorporate it into my daily lifestyle at least for right now until Shawn gets a job. One of my favorite ways to work in my leg routine is when I am blow drying and straightening my hair. I do about 4 cycles of 20 squats while blow drying my hair. After doing the squats, I switch to calf-raises and do about 4 cycles of 20 of those. It really helps me feel like I am doing something while drying or straightening my hair. I also rarely watch TV but I do enjoy watching Biggest Loser and Grey's Anatomy. While watching these TV shows, I "circuit train." What I mean by this is I do a cycle of 30 sit ups/crunches, 20 arm raises with 10 pound weights, 20 bench press arm moves with 10 pound weights in each arm, and 20 curls on each arm. I continue this routine throughout the TV show. This is an EXCELLENT way to enjoy time watching TV but also incorporating weight training.

4. What do you eat for a snack?
I really try to concentrate my snacks on fruit because they are healthy and are 0 WW PointsPlus. I also enjoy my yummy favorites, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Crunch CLIFF bars as an after school treat.

5. Where do you find your recipes?
Most of the recipes I use are from Skinnytaste.com. I also search Weightwatchers.com and allrecipes.com. I also have several cookbooks on my shelf in my kitchen I use. Sometimes when I find a yummy recipe but I don't have all of the ingredients, I try to use what I have or add something I do have to it. I also tweak several recipes to fit them into my lifestyle of trying to eat as many healthy, whole grains, and RAW produce. Some of the recipe books I recommend are, Cook This, Not That, Jillian Michaels' Master Your Metabolism Cookbook, Hungry Girl series, and Biggest Loser cookbooks.

6. Do you wear a special type running shoe? Can you tell a difference?
Yes, I wear Brooks running shoes. They were recommended to me by a friend when I first started talking about running last year and I fell in love. Now, they are very expensive because they are speciality running shoes BUT I found my pair on Sierratradingpost.com. They were over 70% off!! I got a great pair of running shoes for around $40! I love them! Yes, I also can tell a difference. They are meant for running so they have TONS of support and they also are very light weight. You can't even tell you are wearing them when running or walking because they are so light-weight. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter because they constantly send coupons and free-shipping codes!

7. Where do you find your motivation?
I will be honest with you and tell you that it comes from several different places and it has taken me years to find the motivation I need. I think motivation comes from outside sources but it also has to come mainly from within. I have finally come to a place in my life that I know I need to change my lifestlye and my body. I know that I want to enjoy a long life with my husband and possibly have children at some point. I know at the rate I am going now, children is not an option because of my PCOS. I also have an extreme fear of needles which makes me want to work harder to avoid type 2 diabetes. I also am too young to feel tired all of the time and to feel like I can't do certain things because of my physical limitations. All of these things have finally added up and made me realize that I HAVE to change. I also enjoy finding motivation every Tuesday night when I watch The Biggest Loser. I find that it keeps me excited about exercising and eating right because I will see results if I put my mind to it. I also love to read and I find knowledge is POWER. I am constantly reading books to help me learn more about eating healthy and creating a healthier lifestyle. Another way I find motivation is by reading other blogs. If you look on the top right side of my blog, you will see a list of my favorite blogs. These are blogs I enjoy reading and they keep me motivated because these are written by REAL people who have witnessed REAL results. This is very inspiring to me. One other place I find motivation is at my weekly Weight Watchers meetings. My WW leader, Donna does a great job motivating us to keep tracking and keep moving. Weekly meetings are a great way to motivate myself to start the week over fresh and try again.

8. How do you walk when it is cold outside?
When it is nice outside, I walk around my neighborhood. When it is cold or I don't feel like walking around my neighborhood, I walk on my treadmill. I was given my treadmill as a graduation present from my parents three years ago. It is so nice to have because I can exercise in the comfort of my own home. I usually blare my music from my computer as I am running/walking to keep me motivated. If you are looking for a treadmill, I know that Play it Again Sports has some great deals on used ones. I found mine at Dick's Sporting Goods and it has been great!

9. Do you ever use workout DVDs?
Yes, I love workout DVDs! I feel like I get an awesome workout just for me when I do them. My favorites are anything by Jillian Michaels, especially the 30 Day Shred! I also love any and all of the Biggest Loser workout DVDs! They are always very motivating and I really enjoy them. I also have a Zumba DVD which is a great, fun way to get a workout in.

10. Why did you start your blog?
I mainly started my blog to keep a record of my weightloss journey. I also felt that if I put it all out there and I knew someone was reading it, it would help me stay focused. I have been amazed by how many people are following my blog and keep up with my progress daily! It is VERY exciting to me and it keeps me working harder because I know people are "watching" and cheering me on! I apprecaite all of the comments you leave on a daily basis and all of the messages I receive on Facebook. It has been so much fun for me and I look forward every night to updating you all on my daily progress or fun findings!

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  1. Thanks for the motivation I(and many others) probably need after a couple of "snow days"...I made the mistake of not having enough GOOD food in the house before the snow and ice came...I fell "off the wagon"...you have motivated me to get back on!!!