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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Small Thermal Tote GIVEAWAY!

Since I am so excited about everyone who is following my blog, I want to say thank you by having a GIVEAWAY! I am giving away one of my TOP 5 favorite items right now for getting healthy in 2011, a small Thermal Tote from 31! You get to choose your design, including the brand new designs, and your own monogram or phrase! :)

All you have to do to enter is:
1) become a follower of my blog, look on the right side and click on the word "follow"
2) leave a comment under this post telling me 1 goal you have to help improve your health or change your lifestyle in 2011
3) make sure you leave your email address and name with your comment so I can get in touch with you if you win!

I will put everyone's names in a bowl and draw a name on Friday at 4:00pm. Please be sure you have your comment in by Friday at 12:00pm.

Good luck!! I cannot wait to see your GOALS for 2011!!

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  1. My goal is to bring CONSISTENCY to my exercise routine. Being able to do simple tasks is something I took for granted prior to my surgery and it makes me regret all those times I could have lifted weights or gone for a jog, and didn't. So, once I get back on my feet, I really need to commit to being consistent with my exercises, otherwise my inconsistent efforts will all be a waste.

  2. That last comment is from Adam...I logged in on my Yahoo account, but for some reason it tagged Erin's G-Mail. Whoops!

  3. Hi, Hope! I know it totally looks like I'm just following you because of the giveaway, but I swear I had already decided earlier today to follow you as soon as I got home to my computer! I like your blog and now I've got you in my reader so I won't miss a thing! I'm working on getting healthy in 2011, too. I just haven't quite figured out what will work for me! I know I have got to break my sugar addiction!

    Glad to be a follower! Also glad to see you enjoying teaching and married life so much!

    (sunnyherring at hotmail dot com)

  4. Hey Hope! I've been keeping up with you via facebook and my Google Reader. My main goal: "Eat better. Move more." I also want to find a Weight Watchers meeting to join for some accountability. Thanks for all of the ideas you've been sharing!
    -Karen G

  5. I would of followed your blog earlier, but I didn't know how.

    My goal for this year is to get back on my elliptical. I don't have a weight loss goal, but I just want to get back to being athletically fit.

    And just to clarify this is from Erin, not Adam...though he likes to sign into ppls accounts. :)

  6. Hi Hope! I have a few goals for 2011... My number one priority is to start leaving work "on time" daily so I will have consistency to my weekly workout routine. It is so easy for me to get wrapped up in something at the office and not leave work until 7:00...as my husband is wondering if someone has kidnapped me - lol. I am tired of putting work first...I NEED that ME time! My second priority is to get some bills paid off...my husband and I would like to build a house in a few years.

    I have enjoyed following your blog. Keep up the good work girl!

    Shelly Paquette

  7. My goal is to become healthy. I don't want to be "skinny " just able to shop in regular stores chase after my daughter enjoy life & not have to sit on the side lines...

  8. My goal is to exercise more consistently and to limit my sugar intake. I would love to get back to my WW goal weight too. :)


  9. My goal is to get back to my pre-Baby Lila weight within two months of having her. I want to do this by eating right and strolling he around the neighborhood daily. I would also like to begin running and get one of those fancy running strollers and enter some of those 5k's with you:-)
    Good luck Hope! I enjoy following you and I know you can do it!!!

  10. Hey Hope! Thanks for sharing your story! I followed the link from facebook and am finding your blog very inspiring! I wish you all the best of luck. I too am working on some weight loss. My main goal is to become healthier so I'm not so TIRED all the time!


  11. My health goals are (1)to eat more healthy foods, so I have more energy and will, ultimately, live a longer life.(2)to lose 35 lbs. to help my 5'1" frame not have to carry around so much weight, and (3)to walk 10 miles every week this year, to help me have more energy.

  12. My goals are to lose my baby weight, and just get healthy! I want it to become natural to make good food choices. I love your blog, Hope!

  13. Excercise daily and make better choices about food. I want to eventually run without dying!:-)
    I love your blog it is very helpful and uplifting!!! Thanks for blogging!!

  14. Hey Hopers!! I'm lovin your blog! Since I have about 4 more months of being preggo, my focus is not on losing weight right now. I am trying to put all my focus on just BEING healthy and making healthy eating choices! I figure why not start baby off on the right foot?! Loving good, wholesome, healthy foods!! That adorable thermal tote would be PERFECT for baby bottles and snacks!! Miss you girl!


  15. I was following you but without pressing follow, etc. Glad you gave good instructions. I would really like to lose 40 pounds. I also want to eat better. I can really tell in my joints when I have been eating too many sweets-just figured that out recently. Trying to get rid of cholestrol medicine and stay away from adult onset diabetes. Loved your chicken parmesan.

  16. One of my goals for 2011 is to make better food choices. I started with Weight Watchers yesterday. Attended my first meeting for the Points Plus plan! I'm stoked! Today, I planned my meals for the week. I even rationed out my favorite trail mix into snack bags. I was SHOCKED to see that "little" 1/4 cup bag and know it was 4 points! Holy mess - I was eating half a bag before! Tracking and paying attention to how much is going to be a big eye opener! Someone at the meeting last night said to the group "You did it to your body, now you need to do this!" So here we go!

  17. One of my goals for 2011 is to join an exercise class! I recently decided to join Jazzercise, and so far I love it!


  18. one of my goals for this year is to do my best to only eat organic foods... no hormones or anti-biotics, no high fructose corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils, no refined sugar.
    -Julie McCaulley

  19. Wow!! This is an AWESOME list of goals for 2011! I cannot wait to see us all accomplish them! I am looking forward to the drawing tomorrow around 4pm. Keep on the lookout tomorrow afternoon for the winner! I might even have an extra surprise for you. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! :) Thank you again for your support and for following me through this journey!

  20. I am going to eat even less carbs, red meat and exercise more this year than last! I was told last January I had to eat less red meat (since I had dangerously high cholesterol) and less carbs (I had high triglycerides). In July of last year, both came down drastically! I'm hoping to maintain and even lower both so I can get off my cholesterol medicine!

    -Kristin Cole

  21. I'm a new follower! Thanks for having my blog on your favorites list! :)

    A goal I have for 2011 to be healthier is to give up Diet Coke for a year, well all soda, but that is what I drank! I started on the 3rd, after I finished what I had in the house. So far, so good. :)


  22. Hey Annie! I LOVE your blog! You are very motivating and have helped me start this journey! I have also given up sodas for the year. It was very hard the first 3 weeks but now I really don't think about it. I hope that it continues to get easier the longer I am without it. :) Thank you for being a follower! -Hope

  23. Congratulations to Jennifer Andrade and Megan Prater! Look for your email from me coming soon to choose your design and monogram! Thank you everyone for posting for this giveaway! I will do it again very soon! I love giving away things that will help others! :)