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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 5

The Good: I stayed right on track today writing down my foods and am even under my PointsPlus target today by 9 points! I am thinking a few small pieces of dark chocolate are in my future tonight. ;)

I got up this morning and walked 1.6 miles! YAY! I actually felt better than ever today because I had a LOT more energy and my metabolism was rockin' by the time I walked out the door this morning. It also made me much more conscious of what I was eating today because I didn't want to mess up the calories I worked so hard to burn off this morning. I plan to do another mile tonight to give my metabolism an extra boost. I also was excited that I walked a mile in 18 minutes! My time is getting faster which is very exciting and it isn't nearly as difficult as it was 3 weeks ago when I started which is an awesome feeling!

The Bad: I didn't get much walking in today like I usually do at school because I went to a conference at our district office today. We sat there for 3 straight hours without moving so I was a little bummed about not getting as much walking time in today on my pedometer.

The Ugly: None! I had an awesome day today! What a great feeling to say that! :) Hopefully I will be saying that more often!

Don't forget to tell me one of your healthy living goals for 2011 under my GIVEAWAY post! I will draw a name Friday afternoon for the awesome small thermal tote! Remember to also become a follower if you can so I can keep up with who is following me. :) I have really enjoyed reading your goals for 2011! We are all going to have an AWESOME, HEALTHY year!!


  1. Great!!! ENJOY EVERY BITE OF THAT DARK CHOCOLATE!!!! You certainly deserve it!

  2. Hope, your enthusiasm is inspiring! Our goal as a family this year is to be more concious of WHERE our food comes from and WHAT is in it. We are cooking at home more and eating out less and trying to buy locally as much as we can!