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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4

The Good: I had several good things happen today. I tracked my food intake today!! Yeh! I ended up hitting my Target almost perfectly. I went over 3.5 points but I did round up 5 extra points for my chicken cordon bleu tonight because I forgot to weigh it. The great thing about WW is they give you an extra 49 points a week to have as "extra" points if you go over or want to splurge on something. It was great to see that I am hitting my PointsPlus target almost perfectly! I got a great motivating message on Facebook from my friend Susan encouraging me to write down my food today! Thank you Susan for keeping up with my blog and reminding me about my goals! :) She has a fun way of reminding herself to track by saying, "scribble your nibbles." Love it! You all are very encouraging to me each day and it helps so much to know I have so much support behind me! It makes me want to try harder each day!

Also, I wore my pedometer to school today to count how many steps I was taking at school. My students looked at it really weirdly today and after several inquiries from them, I showed them what is was and taught them a lesson on pedometers. They were all excited and I am sure several went home and asked their parents to get them one. They kept asking me today, "Mrs. HB, how many steps have you taken now?, How about now? Now?" I loved it! They kept me motivated today also and they were excited to see how many steps I could take. A fun way to encourage them to move more and a fun way to encourage me to move more too!

My Tracker for Today: (just a sample)
3 Eggland's Best Eggs (6pts/2pts each)
3 pieces of center cut bacon (4pts)
1 Stonyfield Organic peach yogurt (3pts)
2 tbsp flax seed added to my yogurt (2 pts)
Breakfast total: 15 pts

Snack 1:
1 wedge of Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese (1pt)
2 WASA Flatbreads (4pts/2pts each)

1 piece of Chicken Parm (left over from last nights dinner-6pts)
Grapes (0 pts)
3 pieces of broccoli (0pts)
Lunch total: 6 pts (what a steal!!)

Snack 2:
1 pack of White Choc. Macadamia Nut Cliff Bars (5pts)

1 large piece of Chicken Cordon Bleu (15 pts/forgot to weigh so it is a good guess)
Fresh Asparagus (0 pts)
5 pieces of Lindt Intense Mint Dark Chocolate (7.5pts/SO GOOD!!)
Dinner total: 22.5pts

Total PointsPlus for today: 53.5 pts Target: 50 pts

The Bad: I reaaaalllly tried to get up this morning to walk. I set my alarm for 5:00 and then snoozed for 15 minutes. I got up and started putting my workout clothes on and just couldn't do it. I finally gave up and got back in bed until 5:45. I was exhausted this morning which was opposite of yesterday morning. I was so upset with myself for crawling back in bed. I will try again tomorrow morning! I think the biggest set back this morning was that I haven't slept well for 2 nights in a row so I am pretty tired. So, I am going to try again tomorrow morning!

The Ugly: I was tempted BIG time today! One of my students brought in a HUGE bag of Christmas candy that he wanted to put in my prize box. He set down the HUGE bag of CHOCOLATE candy: Twix and Hershey's Minis on my desk and I about died. The great thing is I didn't even open it! I immediately put the candy in my candy jar that is rarely used by my students because we are not supposed to give them candy. Sometimes if they have done an amazing job on a test or did something extra special they can choose 1 small piece to take home with them. I was very tempted to get into the candy this afternoon after having a very stressful day but I didn't. Instead, I opened my mini-fridge and had a handful of grapes. :)

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