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Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2

The Good: Shawn and I enjoyed a wonderful walk today with our good friends and neighbors, Adam and Erin. Adam recently had back surgery so he is walking every day to help strengthen his back. He is doing phenominal! You would not believe how quickly he has recovered! They invited us to go with them today on their usual route so we joined them. It was a beautiful day, around 65 degrees outside and plenty of sunshine. What a refreshing way to enjoy exercise! Thanks Adam and Erin for letting us join you today!! :)

The Bad: I did better on my snacks today in between meals but I need to find some good recipes for lunch. I am trying to avoid making sandwhiches because of the bread and that is what I am used to eating every day. I will be on the lookout for some easy lunch recipes this week! I ended up eating a portion of a yummy spinach dip I made the other day with some organic corn chips. For snacks today I ate a banana this morning before our walk and then I ate one of the extrememly delicious white chocolate Cliff bars for my afternoon snack. I definitely felt better today!

The Ugly: School starts back tomorrow. I am already having mild anxiety attacks trying to figure out my new morning workout/breakfast routine and my lunch menu. I am excited about stocking my mini-fridge in my classroom tomorrow with organic yogurt, Laughing Cow cheese, water, and fruit! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow and the rest of the week because I know this first week back is going to be the most difficult trying to figure out my new lifestyle.

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  1. so how was your first day back? how were your meals? it is hard when you are working to eat well and get in the exercise especially when (at least at my school) there are always cakes, cookies and snacks laying around. I know you've got this! Today I had an awesome salad... organic lettuce, carrots, radishes, sunflower seeds, tuna with a strawberry balsamic. and some edamame crackers. sometimes I have soup. good call staying away from sandwiches. brown rice and beans? hummus and pita?