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Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 8

The Good: Shawn and I had an awesome trip to Earth Fare today! Shawn did not go with me when I went a few weeks ago so it was his first experience shopping in this wonderful store. He ended up LOVING it! He said it was definitely worth the 20 minute drive to get great deals on organic and fresh food. We used several coupons which helped out a lot too!
My mom discovered a WONDERFUL way to search for organic coupons! She went to SouthernSavers.com and typed in "organic" on the Coupon Database link. Great stuff!! Also, Earth Fare has a whole section on their website where you can print out store coupons. We were able to get a GREAT deal on organic meat by using a $1 fresh chicken coupon at Earth Fare along with their weekly deal on chicken breasts and tenderloins. The best prices we have found on organic meat! We also ran into some great friends of ours who we haven't seen in a while. We loved catching up with Mike and Julie! They even passed along an awesome coupon for a FREE POUND OF BONELESS CHICKEN BREAST with a $5 purchase! WHAT?! I couldn't believe it! They received it in their weekly newsletter from Earth Fare. Needless to say, I signed up TODAY on Earth Fare's website for their weekly newsletter! Thank you again Mike and Julie! We are so glad you both share our love for fresh, organic foods! :)

The Bad: After having a really interesting and difficult week at school this past week, I have not exercised hardly at all. I have not been able to find time to squeeze it in. I promise to do better next week! I plan to walk tomorrow afternoon after celebrating my dad's birthday at Miyo's!

The Ugly: FOOD TEMPTATION! We had a wonderful time at our next door neighbors house tonight for their housewarming party. We had such a great time! It was my first experience of being around foods that were VERY tempting! I did a great job at first and then decided to have a glass of red wine (which was a good choice) and a plate of 2 small cheese slices, brushetta on small bread bites, and a few corn chips. Overall, I did ok by choosing these things to eat but I honestly didn't need to spend my calories on them. I did enjoy myself though and I need to allow myself a little wiggle room occasionally. :)


  1. I worked today and did'nt try anything new...but stuck with my pts!

  2. Thanks for the information about the newsletter! I plan to sign up right now!LOVE Earth Fare!