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Saturday, January 8, 2011


How did you do on your challenge today? Leave a comment below and let me know if you tried something new today or created a plate full of color!

I tried Quinoa today for the first time. It was ok, just very bland. It didn't have much of a taste at all so I am hoping I can find a few recipes to help me spice it up a little. (If you have a good recipe for Quinoa, please let me know!) I also bought fresh kiwi at Earth Fare today! I am looking forward to enjoying several slices this week! :)


  1. The kiwi look wonderful! I need another fruit to eat! LOVE that fruit is zero points now on WW! The quinoa...not so wonderful looking! I plan to look for fruits this week that I haven't eaten in awhile, or haven't tried. I didn't do well the past two days...stress eating...ugh!

  2. Quinoa ideas: boil it in chicken stock. or after you make it throw in a tsp of coconut oil. or add sunflower seeds. or add curry. It is bland on it's own.

  3. Hey Hope, this is LaNelle (Sheridan) Simons, I hoped over to your blog from facebook and couldn't stop reading!

    I LOVE quinoa, but I cannot eat it alone because it is totally bland! I like to use it instead of rice. I love fried rice with stir fry veggies, but fried rice isn't the healthiest so I just replace it with quinoa because the little bit of crunch that comes with the quinoa makes it taste a little like fried rice.

    I also have had a few really good quinoa salads with like cranberries and other yummy things in it. I have never made it (one of my friends used to all of the time in college) but I'm sure you could find one online.

    Hope that helps! :)