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Friday, January 14, 2011

January 13

The Good: I ran for 2 minutes straight today! I am making progress. I know 2 minutes sounds simple but for someone who has never been able to run, it is a wonderful feeling! I will continue to add on minutes each week and hopefully work myself up to 10 minutes by the end of February!

The Bad: I'm SORE! That is a good thing to say when you are working out but I am definitely sore today. I worked out to Jillian Michaels' DVD and it kicked my butt! I did so many squats that it hurts to sit down. The funny thing is that I actually enjoy the feeling of my muscles burning after a workout but I don't enjoy being sore the next day.

The Ugly: I really wanted to walk more than 1.5 miles today but I was exhausted. I plan to walk a "5K" on my treadmill on January 26 which will be 1 month from my first 5K. I want to see how long it will take me to walk it and how I will feel at the end of it.

*Have you registered for Lexington's Race Against Hunger yet? I think we have a big group participating so I am very excited!! Make sure you register as an INDIVIDUAL and leave a comment on this post to let me know you are walking! I will make plans for meeting places and times soon once I get a good idea of how many people are walking with me. :) Thank you for all of the support!! I cannot wait!!

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  1. Adam and I signed up yesterday to walk. We're really looking forward to it!