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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Favorite Things!

I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite things right now to help me with my new healthy living, weight loss lifestyle. I hope these things will also be helpful to you!

1. Medium Grass BasketI ADORE this basket because it has so many different functions. This basket would be great to use ANYWHERE in your house. I decided to use it in my living room to keep all of my exercise equipment in. It is a beautiful piece that is perfect to house all of my equipment so it is easy to find and use. I also like the fact that my equipment isn't "put-up" somewhere that I don't have to see it every day. It reminds me of the quote, "out of sight, out of mind." Keeping my fitness equipment in the open, nearby makes me continue to think about working out. I got this basket from Thirty-One. They also sell a smaller version too. You can check it out by going to my website www.mythirtyone.com/37827

2. Camelbak 1000ml Water BottleI adore this water bottle! It actually makes me enjoy drinking water! I have tried SO many different kinds of water bottles and this one always comes out on top. I love it so much because it is shatterproof, BPA free, has measurements on the side, has a straw, straw top snaps closed, easy to carry, dishwasher safe, and is stylish. :) I could go on and on about my Camelbak water bottle! I know that each day I need to strive to drink 3-4 of these water bottles. A friend recently asked me about why I needed to drink so much water. Answer: You should drink around 1/2 of your body weight in ounces. Drinking this amount of water helps with detoxing your body from toxins and waste, helps keep you hydrated throughout the day especially if working out on a regular basis, helps cushion your joints, and helps all of your internal organs work properly. It seems like a lot of water but after drinking that much for a few days, your body starts to crave it! Start out small and work your way up to drinking whatever 1/2 of your body weight is in ounces. You can find these water bottles on Amazon.com, Sportsman's Warehouse, The Backpacker, or any other outdoor specialty shop. They have some really cute ones on Amazon.com right now! Just search for "Camelbak Water Bottles."

3. Electronic Food ScaleShawn and I got this electronic food scale about 2 years ago when we were on Weight Watchers before our wedding. We found this one at Target and have been nothing but satisfied with it! It is great for measuring out meat, dry goods, or snacks. It is amazing to see how portion sizes are distorted! We were amazed the first few times we weighed our food! It is a great way to keep your portion sizes in check!

4. Omron Pedometer10,000 steps seems like no big deal. WOW! Before I got my pedometer, I thought that I surely took enough steps throughout the day to reach around 10,000. Yeh right! The highest I have gotten since I got it 2 weeks ago is 8,500. My usual day, with 45minutes-1 hour of walking, usually only totals around 6,500. Crazy! I definitely LOVE this pedometer because it keeps track of my daily walking. Not only does it count how many steps I take, it also counts how many aerobic steps I take, how many miles I have walked, and how many calories I have burned. It is the closest thing I am getting to The BodyBugg right now and I love it! I know it isn't 100% accurate but it still gives me a really good estimate on how I am moving daily. The greatest thing about it is that it comes with a program online that charts your progress. All you have to do is use the USB cable that comes with it and download the program and you are off and running. A great way to track your improvements and notice your down times. I got mine on Amazon.com for around $30.00.

5. Small Thermal ToteI LOVE this small thermal tote from Thirty-One. I am always looking for a good lunch bag and they have proven to have the best! After buying my large thermal tote for my lunch bag, I decided that I needed a small one to keep snacks cold or warm when I am on the go. It is a PERFECT bag for that! It also can be embroidered with your initial, monogram, or favorite phrase. I love mine and it is a perfect way for me to carry my snacks on-the-go. The BEST thing about it is right now ALL of the thermal totes are on SALE during the month of January! The large thermal totes are only $10.00 with $1.50 monogram and the small thermal is only $8.00 with $1.50 monogram! WOW! You can buy as many as you want!! A perfect gift for a birthday, for yourself as a jump start to your new healthy lifestyle, for a friend who needs encouraging, etc. I would be happy to place an order for you if you are interested. Check them out on my website, www.mythirtyone.com/37827.

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  1. GREAT favorites!!! I LOVE my "31" basket and thermal lunch and snack bags! Didn't realize they are on sale in January! Might need to get some for gifts! Waiting for my pedometer, Camelback(I got the fern one...so pretty and "springy" and scale to be delivered from Amazon! Hope they come today! Taking the magazines out of my 31 basket today, and putting my exercise stuff in it! What a great idea!